The First Person Shooter, Mechanic and Dynamic Patterns

The First Person Shooter (FPS) as a genre has undergone some interesting changes since its early days. Early on, there were Mazewar-likes - my term for »

Rites: Desiging and Developing

Rites is a top-down shooter, puzzle solver. One thing my partner, Katelyn and I experimented with from the beginning was to make a game that started »

Pokemon GO: A quick teardown

I recently had the opportunity to play Pokemon GO (PoGo from here on) from a developers perspective with other students of game development. To preface this, »

Dropped Alpha

Dropped places the character in the role of Splash, a water droplet. Find your way from the faucet to the pipes without being destroyed. To play »

Dropped Prototype

Over the course of 3 days my team designed a puzzle platformer named Dropped. I will discuss how my role as programmer/producer on the project »