Dropped Alpha

Gameplay Screenshot

Dropped places the character in the role of Splash, a water droplet. Find your way from the faucet to the pipes without being destroyed.

To play Dropped, use either a,d or left and right to move side to side, and use either space or up arrow for jump.

Programmatic Changes from the prototype::

+ Added moving enemies and platforms (new script)
+ Added a death counter, and time counter (for speed runners)
+ Wrote secret level script

Level Design Changes::

+ Added 2 drop levels
+ Added 2 secret levels
+ Added 19 new levels
+ Created levels with moving obstacles
+ Created levels with moving platforms
+ Created levels with roof cling mechanics

Changes:: - Modified spinner hitboxes to be circular instead of square, this was substantially frustrating players. The goal was to have FAIR challenges, not unfair ones the player would never have been able to surmount.

Checklist:: List of things I wanted to implement between last version and this one. The game has already exceeded minimum viable, and then some so many of these features were just things I wanted to improve for quality of experience.

[x] Secret level pipe outside of map
[X] Collisions on minspins made circular
[x] Fixedx on player from 0,0 to 32,0
[x] Secret Levels
[x] Cleaned up bad levels
[] Better Moving platforms (specifically, ones with individual movement distances)
[] Animations for water drop falling, collision with spike death
[] Particles
[] Better End and Start Screens
[x] Game Timer at end game, This may be creating a new object on every new game (so it may need an 
with (obj_Enemy)  
[] stop level from restarting when player dies, rather, respawn player under the faucet, and leave a watery mess at their grave
[x] Added timer to win screen
[] Menus on escape, quit button, volume slider, volume mute.
[] splash sound and visual effect when player lands on a platform.
[] Jump on W key


  • Programmer, Designer, Artist and Producer - Andrew Ajemian
  • I need water by JD Zinda(Nuke Falling from the Sky)
  • Positive Space by @nop (c) copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/Lancefield/54380

  • License: Attribution 3.0 | Recorded by Mike Koenig


  • Kyler Roloff for some audio editing.