Game Comparison

I played 3 games and I want to break down my opinions about them from 2 perspectives each. Designer/Programmer and Player. Wizard-Wizard:: Designer: Wizard-Wizard is »

Interdimension Sessions

Interdimension is: Played on a board made of a Rubik's cube. Played with pawns consistent of multicolored dice. Played with cards used to allow the player »

Prototype: Interdimension

Interdimension Design Document 15 - 30 min Mechanic: Ground Shifting, Paths Max Players: 2 Suggested Age: 12+ Story: You are an inter-dimensional traveler caught on an »

Doom II - Frame Analysis

Create a simple Design Document for an existing game. I suggest choosing a simple game to keep things easy. Break down a game as I went »

Session Report: Star Fluxx

Legend (Due to popular request): If there is the mention of keeping or taking, usually this refers to a KEEPER (which is kept in front of »