Rites: Desiging and Developing

Rites is a top-down shooter, puzzle solver. One thing my partner, Katelyn and I experimented with from the beginning was to make a game that started with the player in the game. The player starts in a room, with tables and books. Each book launches our websites as credits, and one book takes you down to the first floor of the game. Taking the role of a mage on her rite of passage into the spellcrafting arts the player can defeat ignorance and ascend to enlightenment as a mage.

Mechanically this game requires the player to:

  • Read information to try and solve puzzles
  • Shift to shoot monsters with spells that they cast mana
  • Move around with WASD
  • Space bar to read

Enemies are still in a primitive state, and spawn at monster spawners. It is possible that monster spawners will be destroy-able as well in later iterations. There will be puzzles within the levels that will force the player to learn things outside of the game world in order to complete stages by solving the in room puzzles with information found by reading. Ultimately the goal of the game is a player gains knowledge as their mage goes through her rites of passage, and learns the knowledge of new spells just as the player has.


The aesthetics of this game are:

  • Discovery: Learn your way through the worlds puzzles.
  • Fantasy: Become a mage in game and in life.
  • Abnegation: Turn off your brain and destroy ignorance with your magic!

Ultimately, this game's goal is to balance fun puzzle solving, ignorance slaying and learning.