Doom Eternal Keynote Design Choice Analysis

I was fortunate enough to be at the Doom Eternal gameplay reveal at Quakecon 2018's Keynote. Doom Eternal looks slated to be a kickass sequel in my favorite franchise.
I am however going to take a moment and actually address design choices made by the team as I think there were a lot of seemingly interesting ones found in the footage.
If you haven't seen it, check it out at As with all my posts I likely won't address every little detail, but will address a few.
Considering nearly 30 minutes of content were revealed, plus the panel with Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton where they dove into id software's process of making games 1 frame at a time. They were awesome in answering the couple of questions I had after the panel. Though they couldn't tell me if the Archvile will be able to ressurect demons. I'm really excited to take a minute to appreciate the amazing programming that goes into making a game like this, from the Engine programmers, Technical Artists to the team working on DevOps ensuring that the team can build this a game of this caliber.

1 Design

1.1 Weapons

1.1.1 Doom Blade

Doomguy now has juicy new glory kills using an arm mounted retractable blade, no way to tell yet whether this is simply flavor and joice, or will deal more damage or have additional mechanics attached to it.

1.1.2 SSG Meathook

The super shotgun is now your hookshot, definitely see below section on movement.

1.1.3 Rocket Launcher

Fires normal rockets, still no news on whether these will still have the ability to be detonated mid flight.

1.1.4 Single Barrel Shotgun

Can use grenade launcher attachment which attach to enemies and detonate after .5 seconds,
OR be put into full automatic fire mode. I think it is worth noticing that this is a substantial balancing change but also yields interesting new gameplay. In Doom 2016 the Grenade launcher attachment was a first order optimal strategy when choosing between the shotguns attachments. Now that grenades are shoulder mounted (Though this may a replacement for thrown grenades such as the siphon grenade) and the shotgun has automatic mode, there may be more incentive to choose to use that mode. Slow, sticky style grenade launcher attachment grenades seem like they will be great for attaching to imps who move often or on a mancubus in a crowd.

1.1.5 Doombow

What seems to be a reskin of one of Doom 2016's most powerful weapons the Gauss Cannon, with a delayed detonation (similar to how they nerfed the grenade launcher attachment for the shotgun) Looks like it'll be a ton of fun.

1.1.6 Flamethrower

Causes enemies (at least low tier ones) to catch fire and drop armor shards when taking damage from a gun.

1.1.7 Shoulder mounted grenade Launcher

The Doomslayer is now equipped with a shoulder mounted grenade launcher and mechanically it seems to be on a cooldown and do a reasonable amount of damage. This is a great fit for the playstyle of doom, and a great way to allow the Doomslayer to use grenades without even lifting a finger off his gun. Can stagger a Hell Knight, but does not seem to kill it in a single shot.

1.1.8 Plasmagun

Holy shit the plasma gun is back and is as beautiful as in Classic Doom. The arcing electricity (even though plasma isn't electricity) does not bother me in the slightest as it just looks right. Amazingly satisfying and a definite classic fan pleaser.

1.1.9 Machinegun

Seems like a good waveclear weapon with a sniper mode.

1.1.10 A Crucible

Doomguy now seems to have access to a crucible (Sword) that he will brandish against the Archvile.

1.2 Destructable Demons

1.2.1 Gored enemies retain gore when glory killed

This seems to have been a large challenge for the team in Doom 2016, but with the destructable demons subsystem built they seem to have resolved this. Enemies will stay bloodied in all the right places, and limbs that are gone will stay gone.

1.2.2 Enemies can be gored up

Enemies can become gored, or bloodied, see the hellknight in the 3rd video segment of the keynote.

1.2.3 Enemies can lose limbs

Yep. Thats right.

1.3 Pickups

1.3.1 Green Armor

Restores 50 Armor

1.3.2 Armor shards

Give the player 1 armor

1.3.3 Blue Bottles

1.4 Game tone and story aesthetics

1.4.1 Doom Universe

Doom is getting a Universe, all with art and lore that is internally consistent and feels like a part of the game. This is the best AAA B-Movie with top tier mechanics that is likely to come out in 2019.

1.5 Multiplayer

1.5.1 Invasion

Optionally players can join your game to be the demons and try and stop your campaign progress, much like dark souls. Great idea id!

1.5.2 In-House PvP "Doom Style"

Not sure what this will look like, but it is confirmed.

1.5.3 Co-op?

They really seem to be wanting to give us ways to connect with each other, so it is possible we may be getting Doom Multiplayer Coop.

1.6 Snapmap / Mods

There is an internal push to bring mod support to other doom games, prior technical limitations due to legacy technologies kept them from achieving this. Source, Marty Stratton My guess is that this is primarily an issue with the difficulty of letting modders play with megatextures which, from my understanding require a lot of compute power to render and are quite difficult to work with. We likely won't see either in Doom Eternal, and while I'll be sad not to see mods in this release, if they can achieve it for the next Doom game, I'd be forgiving (and I hope the rest of the community will be too), otherwise, may as well bring snapmap back.

1.7 Minimap

Minimap now seems to have a demonic corruption meter displaying the amount of demons still on the map?

1.8 Movement

1.8.1 Dash mechanic

Allows the Doomslayer to dash left and right.

1.8.2 Meathook

The meathook on the double barrel is going to allow the player hook into and move to enemies (only enemies can be hooked, not walls), this capitalizes on the already existant push forward, aggressive combat found in doom. Everything in Doom Eternal seems to be doubling down on its core mechanics, and steps Doom's movement as a weapon mentality a step further. I can see players leaving cacodemons alive as "hookanchors."

1.8.3 Parkour

Doomguy can now swing on bars.

1.8.4 Climbing

Doomguy can now climb walls.

1.8.5 Double Jump

Its still here.

1.9 Demons

Everyone's favorite demons are back, and we have a few newcomers.

1.9.1 Zombie, Zombieman

Yay for fodder, the Zombieman may have the best glory kills we have currently seen, damn they are funny.

1.9.2 Wraiths

Doom 3's Wraiths seem to be back with their scythe like arms.

1.9.3 Imps

Got their spikes back =D

1.9.4 Mancubus

Reprised its flamethrowers

1.9.5 Some sort of flying acid spitter

No idea what enemy this is, seems cool enough to fight, another enemy to meathook.

1.9.6 Hellknights

Lookin' good

1.9.7 Pinky

Not much changed with pinkies

1.9.8 Baron of Hell

Back to do some damage, the Baron looks more classic, and is capable of being bloodied.

1.9.9 Commandos

Seem to do the same with the ball like projectile

1.9.10 Cacodemons

Now easier to close the gap on with the meathook, can eat grenades, and look even better / more like the originals. I love this Doom's art direction.

1.9.11 Revenant

Not much new to say here.

1.9.12 Archvile

Ok so, is the Archvile a boss, miniboss or standard enemy? I hope its a standard enemy, and gets to revive enemies. My favorite baddie in all of Doom, back with unholy fire. Thank you id!

1.9.13 Pain Elemental

Seems to throw fireballs, can't tell if it can spawn lost souls. Animation is a waddle of classic proportions. Amazing. Thank you Hugo Martin, I know you voted to keep it in. It is perfect.

1.9.14 Arachnotron

Exactly as I imagined them, but now can climb on the ceiling like a turret. This is going to add tons of interesting gameplay.

1.11 Animations

Hustle on over to the video and you'll understand all there is to know. So damned good.

2 id tech 7

The new engine features ten times the geometric detail and texture fidelity of idTech 6 running at 60fps. That is an achievement because Doom 2016 looked crisp, this is going to potentially allow for more, higher fidelity enemies on screen. I think this may actually already be visible in the second clip they showed. They also have developed the tech to gore up enemies, which according to someone in the team was a challenge for them to achieve as they wanted it for Doom 2016.

3 Final Thoughts

Doom Eternal may be the most brilliant compilation of old and new I've ever seen in the industry, with plenty of throwbacks to please long time fans and plenty of new to please both long time fans and new fans. Doom Eternal is likely to be my game of the year it releases.
However, considering I have not played Doom Eternal yet, it would be unfair of me to make any major criticisms of the mechanics, but I have to say, After taking all this time to write this I can't really say there are any criticisms for me to have. This is Doom 2016 on steroids, and its the exact experience we all wanted.