Session Report: Star Fluxx

Legend (Due to popular request):

  • If there is the mention of keeping or taking, usually this refers to a KEEPER (which is kept in front of the player)
  • KEEPERs are collected to attempt to achieve GOALs which are the win conditions of the game.
  • RULEs can be played to change the rules of the game, examples of words I may use to signify this are: Decree, told, insisted, changed the rules.
  • ACTIONs can be played during your turn or an opponents turn.
  • CREEPERs keep a player holding it from winning, unless the goal is to have creepers.

Session Report:

The Adventurers, Andrew, Kevin, Katelyn, Phoenix, and Ryan all began their adventure to fulfill their quest to achieve a goal of galactic significance. Each of them started with a hand of 3 cards dealt from a deck of 100.

Katelyn went first by drawing a card, and then to everyone's surprise she called keeps on the small moon. Everyone was in awe, countries had been in agreement that the moon wasn't anyone's property for decades. However this exhausted Katelyn's plays for the turn.

Then it was Ryan's turn, he drew a card and then set a galactic goal "My time Machine Works." But everyone knew it didn't, because no one had the necessary keepers to win with that condition.

It was then Phoenix's turn, she drew a card and then acted, she stole the small moon that Katelyn had claimed, this action even caused an even greater degree of aggravation on the nearby planet.

Then Kevin drew a card, he began his quest with luck that may be legendarily unsuccessful by having a malfunction, though his bad luck was double edged, and he did not have anything machines to experience the malfunction on. He then broke the rules of the universe and declared that all adventurer's would have to draw 2 cards per turn.

Then it was Andrew's turn, he drew 2 cards and decreed that all adventures would not keep more than 4 objects.

The rotation began again, and Katelyn decided she would keep a doctor, whom she couldn't seem to name.

No one guessed Ryan was a betting man, but after drawing 2 cards he won the Space Jackpot and drew 5 cards.


Kevin then solidified himself as the creepiest of the adventurers by drawing 2 cards, both of which were creepers. He now was in the company of Evil Brain Parasites that liked to cause malfunctions.
He proclaimed that all adventurers would be allowed to play 2 cards instead of 1, to which there were smiles of excitement and then he beamed up all of the beings to their owner's hands. This however did nothing to the moon, or the stars, who were emotionless.

Andrew then drew 2 cards and showed his true colors by attempting to have 2 plots for victory. One of which involved enslaving alien lifeforms.

Katelyn then drew 2 cards and contracted the cutest case of space influenza anyone had ever seen, it was a fuzzy cough that no one could avoid. She then contracted an energy being to her crew.

Fuzzy alien influenza then passed to Ryan who drew 2 cards and decided to build a giant computer to attempt to compute the meaning of life, the universe, and all of the things. He then got rid of the goal of alien lifeforms and replaced it with a race towards artificial intelligence.

Phoenix was then infected with the influenza, the sneezing just wouldn't stop, but she managed to draw her two cards and she got the universe's most compact trash compactor which she used on the double agenda which made artificial intelligence no longer a goal. She then told everyone they could only keep 3 things.

Kevin the got space influenza, the influenza was so evil that it got infected with brain parasites. Kevin then drew 2 cards, he then used a surprise to veto the keeper limit. He then recruited an expendable crewman, who he greatly underpaid, much like a security guard.

Andrew then became infected with evil brain-infested space influenza, drew 2 cards, and played 2 goals: More power, and The Ultimate Answer. Everyone knew that the answer was 42.

It was time to get infected, and Katelyn was next in line. She drew 2, her doctor removed the brain parasites. She then let everyone know it was ok with her if they drew 3 cards, and she drew one additional one.

Now it was Ryan's turn to be infected by evil space influenza, he then drew 3 cards, he then decided he would wield a laser sword to remove the influenza, which then moved to the top of the deck. Set a rule to draw 5, then played fuzzy influenza.

Influenza passed to Phoenix and she drew 5, exchanged keepers giving Katelyn ALL OF THE STARS for just a measly doctor. Phoenix then played the scientist.

Kevin got down with the sickness then drew 5 cards and kept an unseen force, Andrew then surprised Kevin and stole his unseen force however it didn't work because Kevin belayed that action to keep his force.

Andrew's sneezing just wouldn't stop and then he drew 5 and set the goal of the game to become powerful and evil. He then decreed that people should draw 4 cards per turn.

Katelyn Drew 4 and constructed a teleporter proclaiming that her goal would be No Trouble At All, which because she had the entire crew meant that she won the game. However, there was trouble after all, because Kevin canceled her plans and removed the goal.

Ryan's cough could be heard a mile away but then he drew 4 and set the goal to be archaeology on the moon. He then claimed a holographic projector as his own, part of his plot to deceive the universe like Emperor Palpatine.

Phoenix got influenza and drew 4, setting the goal to evil brain parasites and harnessing her energy through crystals.

Kevin then got the flu and Drew 4, Stole a card from Katelyn with his unseen force and played a laser pistol. Declaring that if anyone could make a wormhole, they would win.

Andrew got the flu, and Drew 4, He told everyone they must play all of their cards and began by doing it himself. He played an action that discarded 1 keeper from each player, the stars were destroyed, the monolith, the moon were all destroyed. He set the goal to the ultimate answer and then transferred brains with Ryan, so he could have the win conditions of Ryan's Computer. He however did not win yet.

It was now Katelyn's turn she sneezed a bit then she drew 4 cards. She said everyone should go down to 1 card in their hand, but then smirked as she set everyone's hand size to 1. She then kept an engineer, Starship and Captain.
Her captain enlisted Phoenix's scientist. The scientist attempted to steal Kevin's unseen force but Kevin surprised Katelyn and declared that play was a trap. He kept the unseen force. Katelyn then played that's no moon as the new goal.

It was now Andrew's turn AGAIN, he received influenza again, by this point everyone is sick of being sick. He drew 1, forcing a deck reshuffle to draw his remaining 3, he crossed his fingers he wouldn't get a Creeper (which would stop him from winning the game) but to his elation no creeps were around. With gusto he made his final play - dropping the only card he retained from Katelyn's power play - Laser Weapons a goal that allowed him to slay the game using his Laser Sword and hologram which replicated Kevin's laser pistol to give him the win.